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Tete Front Mandoline Graziani Guitars

Description, prices & options Mandolins

Graziani Guitars Mandolins have a carbon rod inside the neck which allows good rigidity and increased sustain.  

The bracing has been designed to have a warm and powerful sound.

They are equipped with an angle on the table made in the form of a fold which allows to accentuate the pressure on the bridge necessary for the good expressiveness of the instrument.

The 32 mm neck provides comfort of use to the musician and the deep sides a major resonance. 

MANDOLIN CONCERT (Without options)

Model: MD-C

Back & Sides:  Indian rosewood, curly maple, European walnut,

                       Honduran mahogany

Table:  Italian spruce Cat 1, sitka Cat 1

Channel:  Honduras mahogany, quilted maple

Touches :  Ebony

Bridge: Ebony

Head plate:  Ebony + "Graziani Guitars" Logo

Fingerboard markers: White mother-of-pearl dots, blue, green or pink abalone

Rosette: Wood fillets

Bindings: Ebony + black, white, black purflings/ Maple + black, white, black purflings

Strings: Thomastik Präzision, Philippe Bosset Phosphore Bronze

Varnish: Polyurethane

Case:  SKB 1SKB-80A



* For all orders a deposit of 25 % will be requested.


3500 €


Backs & Sides : 

-Brazilian Rosewood (Rio) (with Cites permit) 2000€

-Ebony 170€

-Ziricote 250€

- Madagascar 250€

Soundboards : 

-Italian Spruce extra quality with or without Bearclaw 170€

-Adirondack extra quality 200€ 

Neck : 

-3 pieces 100€

Fingerboards Inlays : 

-Incrustations abalone diamonds, snowflakes ... 120€

Soundhole Rosette :

Abalone 200€

Bindings : 

-Round Soundboard abalone 400€

Purflings head :

-Round Head abalone 200€

-Round Head Binding 110€

Microphone :

-Ask for a quote*

Varnish :

-Alcool 200€

*If you need to amplify your guitar just ask for a quote: you can choose your preferred amplifying system and I will not charge any fee for mounting.

Other possibilities are possible, please contact me

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