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Concert mandolins

This piriform (pear-shaped) mandolin is a model that I created inspired by European instruments of the 20th century. It's a tool  versatile that can be used for different types of music (traditional, bluegrass, classical...)

Made in Corsica

Mandolin MD-C

Measures :

- Neck Width:  32mm (Adaptable)

- Body length:  320mm

- Body width:  239mm

- Length  vibrating:  13.75''

- Radius:  Flat


- Back & Sides: Indian Rosewood 

- Soundboard: Italian spruce cat 1

- Neck: Honduras Mahogany 

- Bridge: Ebony

- Fingerboard: Ebony

- Headplate: Ebony 

- Bindings:  Ebony

- Inlays: Blue Abalone Paua  

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